How Do People Like CJDropshipping?

How Do People Like CJDropshipping?

If you’re a Shopify Dropshipper, you need to check out CJ Dropshipping! Source. Fulfill. Stock. Ship. CJ Dropshipping replaces AliExpress & Oberlo all in ONE app… and simply does it better.

CJ Dropshipping is an all-in-one solution for Shopify Entrepreneurs who are constantly in need of the next hot product. Here’s what CJ offers and why I recommend them so highly:

Shopify Dropshipping
Let CJ dropship products for you – forget AliExpress! You’ll never be charged a set-up fee, monthly fee, storage fee, fee per item sold, or any hidden charges. The fastest processing and shipping time is 24 hours after the payment received!

Product Sourcing
CJ Dropshipping can search and source products for you. You can post product sourcing requests with CJ directly! This entitles you to request products to be drop shipped — even if we don’t have them yet. Our team will carefully review your request and identify if it is feasible.

Stock and Warehousing
CJ Dropshipping can also stock and warehouse your existing products for delivery and fulfillment. CJ has around 200 co-op factories and 20,000+ sq. meters of warehouse space. Everything is white labeled to your brand.

USA Warehouses
Same day processing is possible – delivery in just 4 days is possible! Multiple overseas warehouses including China using e-packet shipping and super fast processing. 3 USA Warehouses with a 2-4 day shipping time!

Product Videos For Facebook Ads
This is a great add-on service that CJ provides and is perfect for high converting Facebook Ads. For a small fee ($50 per video), you get a studio quality product showcase video ready for Facebook Ads.

I love working with CJ! CJ Dropshipping is the evolution of sourcing and selling drop shipped products on Shopify. I’ve consistently found high quality winning products at CJ – and I don’t mean the typical junk you see on AliExpress. Better pricing, better margins, WAY better customer support. Those are all super important to my business and something you just won’t ever find on Ali.

I’m constantly getting my students to switch form Ali to CJ because they simply make more money and give their customers a much better experience. I highly recommend CJ and I know you’ll love it. Oh… and did I mention a ton of products that ship from the USA?! This makes AliExpress look like a thing of the past!

1. No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order
2. 100% Free Shopify App
3. USA Warehouses
4. Source any product, anytime
5. 24/7 online support with different language
6. Professional products video and images supply
7. Quality control and brand building for you
8. Price normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors
9. Same day processing if products stocked in the warehouse.
10. Insider Info on the hottest selling products in CJ’s Warehouses

CJ Rating on Facebook

CJ Comment

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We are having a fantastic deal for drop shippers who are looking for a fast, secure, and stable method of getting items to your customers.

Instead of waiting for epacket’s 12-20 days of delivery time to dropship items from China to the US Warehouse, you can place a 30% deposit down on the product that you would like us to pre-stock in our US Warehouse.  Once the inventory arrives at our US Warehouse, your orders will be processed the same day in the US Warehouse and ship via USPS in 2-5 days!  Your 30% deposit will be returned to you after your inventory has depleted.


By participating in this promotion, you will get:

– FAST and STABLE delivery time (compared to epacket, this is like delivery time on steroids :P)!

– NO Warehouse Fee!

– NO Loading Fee!

Take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!  This is an awesome deal that we are giving to our customers to experience of using our US Warehouse service.


Requirements to participate in this promotion:

– Total Product Value Per SKU must be $2,000 or above

– Place a 30% deposit down on the Product Value (minimum $600 deposit = $2,000 *30%)

-Must be a CJ customer to participate; you can easily register at:


Are you ready to start?  We’ve made a video and a step by step tutorial that shows how to place an inventory order through our CJ application. 



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How to Connect WooCommerce Manually?

How to Connect WooCommerce Manually?

Create an account on >> My CJ >> Add Store >> Authorize


It’s required turn on the WordPress permalinks at: Settings > Permalinks.


To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce > Settings > API and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.

Generate API keys

The WooCommerce REST API works on a key system to control access. These keys are linked to WordPress users on your website. To create or manage keys for a specific WordPress user: 1/ Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > API > Keys/Apps. 2/ Select Add Key. 3/ Select the User you would like to generate a key for in the User field and add a Description. 4/ Choose the level of access for this API key, which can be Read access, Write access or Read/Write access. 5/ Select the Generate API Key button, and WooCommerce will generate API keys for that user. Now that keys have been generated, you should see two new keys, a QRCode, and a Revoke API Key button. These two keys are your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. 6/ Place your consumer key and consumer secret in the application that uses the WooCommerce API (the application should request your URL as well).

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Why work with CJDropshipping, and What is it offer and strength?

Why work with CJDropshipping, and What is it offer and strength?
  1. No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order
  2. CJ APP is easy to use for hundreds thousand products posting, order processing and free
  3. US warehouse inventory and shipping, another faster shipping than ePacket
  4. Sourcing any products for your drop shipping business and free
  5. 7*24 online support with different language
  6. Professional products video and images supply
  7. Quality control and brand building for you
  8. Price normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors
  9. Same day processing if products stocked in the warehouse.
  10. Real-time hot selling products updating

We charge our drop shippers only products cost + shipping cost if products are from our warehouse. Also, our APP is free to anybody. You can check detail here:

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How to use or for drop shipping sourcing?

How to use or for drop shipping sourcing?

Drop shipping from is a smart way to reduce your cost. is another version of, all of them are a wholesale platform in China, the difference is is for local wholesale(China Only), the is for international wholesale. Both of them will have minimum order quantity when purchase, and belong to Jack Ma(Alibaba Group Founder)

Instead of, and is another version of Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Wish and they are also only available to the local market(China Only).

Looks like it is very hard to work with, definitely, it will not be easy. There are five difficult, language, payment, time difference, minimum order quantity or they do not know how to do drop shipping international.

  1. Language: Vendors on and they do not speak English since Chinese mother language is Mandarin. But you still have a way to talk with them by Translator.
  2. Payment: Vendors on and receiving payment by Alipay, they are CNY currency, and drop shippers are using Stripe, PayPal which are unavailable to Vendors there. They only accept CNY instead of US Dollar despite the US Dollar is an international currency.
  3. Time difference: Chinese working time is Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Shanghai China Time (GMT+8). But most of the drop shippers are sleeping in their country, it will be very hard to keep communicating with them when you are in sleeping time daily since sometimes you need your issue solved quickly. You can not bear to wait again and again.
  4. Minimum order quantity: There is minimum order quantity for each product even for variants when you placing an order on It just like on They do not do retail, and it would be hard too once you are going to test some Facebook Ads for the niches. You would not like to buy bulk, you just would like to drop ship and no inventory.
  5. They do not know how to drop ship internationally: Vendors on to understand what is drop shipping, and know how to drop ship, but it is still only available to Local business( Domestic drop shipping). Drop shipping international will be more difficult than domestic, it required knowledge of the foreign trade, especially shipping method, and custom declare. There are tons of shipping method for choose, and each shipping method is different use: My CJ. There will be troubled if they do the processing and shipping for you.

Above issue are key ones excluded the quality, lead time, and whether they are real factory or not. Since they might be disappeared after received your payment.

How to avoid those issue?

You should have a partner or agent for you. Moreover, if they do drop shipping or fulfillment for you, and having US warehouse, that will be fantastic.

Here is the recommendation list of company in China who can do those for you

  1. Any Products Drop Shipping from China with High Quality, Fast Shipping, Factory Price.: They are a professional team having 100+ people and one goal for drop shipping. Their main customers are Shopify, WordPress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy runners who are focusing on marketing and left other things like products sourcing, order processing, and shipping to them. They have around hundreds cooperated factories and 20,000 square meters warehouse. Factory direct supply goods, offering a full range of drop shipping business allows you to carry a large variety of products at a low price without the cost of warehousing them. They have their own FREE APP and hundred thousand of products that can be posted to your stores with just a few clicks. Post sourcing request to them then sell all products by not what you see. They have their own US warehouse and products here can be delivered just in 2-5 days to US customer. One to one communication, so you will know anything about your products and orders status. Moreover, your custom cards and pouches are also available to be inserted into each your parcels. The fastest processing time is the same day. As far as now, they are the primary drop shipping partner of many of the top 100 Shopify and WooCommerce stores.
  2. Source and drop ship for you, they have a powerful sourcing team. They can help you to source the products by what you want not what you had seen on their site. And works quick. Despite being an experienced drop shipping partner, they cannot guarantee to fulfill every item requested, due to the various drop shippers running SKU. Once accepted as a drop shipper, you can post product sourcing requests. This entitles you to request products to be drop shipped — even if they don’t have them yet. Their team will carefully review your request and identify if it is feasible.
  3. They can also be an agent for you, price sometimes cheaper than Aliexpress. And having US warehouse with faster shipping and very lower service fee: CJDropshipping Service Fee

All the above company are available with different language speaking ( English, Spanish Etc.) They accept Credit card, PayPal and Wire Transfer with US dollar currency. Their working time almost 7*24. And there will not be MOQ since they are drop shipping company, they have their own one to split the MOQ. They are professional in Drop shipping, so they are very experiencing with order processing and shipping.

If you guys like the content I made, please share or like it.

If you have any further questions about drop shipping, sourcing, shipping, please add my Skype: andychoulizhi Whatsapp/WeChat: +8618067627100.

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How to open a dispute on CJ APP?

How to open a dispute on CJ APP?
1. Go DropShipping Center>>DropShipping Orders>>Processing, Processed, Completed (These three sections are available to open dispute)

2. Use SEARCH blank or ORDER QUANTITY to find the issue order.

3. After you located the issue order then click “Dispute”

4. Select the Dispute Type from one of the eight.

5. Select the Expected Operation from one of two.

6. Upload screenshot of buyer complains (email address included) and images of the parcel and leave a message for us to review it.

7. After your issue order submitted, go AS Service Center and click View

8.  You will know how we deal with the dispute on this popup window.

9. If both you and CJ agreed with a refund, the amount will be deposited to your wallet so you can use it to pay for next drop shipping orders.

10. Here you can check all the balance you have, and you can charge it for benefits if you like.

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Why does epacket take so long? Where is my epacket? What are alternatives to epacket?

Why does epacket take so long? Where is my epacket? What are alternatives to epacket?

If you’ve been in the dropshipping business for a while, you should be all too familiar with epacket and its unpredictable delivery time, the stagnant status on the tracking number updates, or the mysteriously missing packages.

Why does epacket take so long to deliver?!  Many dropshippers are perplexed by epacket’s delivery time announced to them by their suppliers vs. the actual delivery time it takes to get the package to get to their customers.

By the end of this article, we’ll show you the hidden truth behind epacket’s operation and point you to a better shipping alternative (such as using CJ Dropshipping’s direct USPS method) instead epacket.

Epacket was a trilateral agreement brokered by eBay China, USPS and China Registered Post (aka EMS) to enhance cross boarder ecommerce shipping.

To better understand the long delivery time of e-Packet, we must understanding how the China Registered Post operates.

It’s an open secret that China’s governmental departments operates at a bureaucratic atmosphere.  What this means is that although the laws are written on the books, there are secret paths, shortcut, and loopholes available for those who knows how to pull the right strings.  What these hidden shortcuts create is an opportunity for some to profit massively in the uneven plain field, and ePacket delivery is one good example.

Let’s take a look at how ePacket SHOULD operate….

Your dropshipping supplier (for example Aliexpress or CJ Dropshipping) receives your order, they print out the epacket label and attached it to your package.  Epacket carriers will pick up the package, deliver that package to a local collection point.  The package then goes through the central sorting facility and then gets cleared through the Chinese custom and proceed to the destination country.  Sounds straight-forward enough, right?

The delay in shipment happens in two areas, the collection points and custom clearing.

There are tens of thousands of collection points all across China and they are subject to China Registered Post’s minimum pricing.  For example, let’s just say that China Registered Post’s minimum charge to process one package is $1.00.  However, because there are so many collection points in different areas of China, and different collection points will have different volume of packages coming in daily, their operation costs are also differs.  Therefore, the price that these collection points charge to collect the epacket delivery also differs depending on where they are located at.

If the collection points are located near metropolitan cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, they might charge $2.50 per package because they are busier and the cost of maintaining the operation is higher.  If the collection points locate in a more rural area, they might charge $2.10 per package to attract more packages to their facility.  These pricing difference in collection points are acceptable to China Registered Post, the only requirement that China Registered Post has for these collection points is the minimum pricing ($1.00 in this example) and a certain volume of package collections per day.


After the ePacket carrier collects the package from your dropshipping supplier, the logical thing to do will be to deliver these packages to the nearest local collection point.  However, if the local collection point is charging $2.50 per package, and a collection point 12 hours away might be only charging $2.25 per package, the ePacket carrier will delay the shipment of the packages by sending it to the cheaper collection point to make an extra $0.25 per package.  So if they have 20,000 packages to deliver to a collection point, by choosing the cheaper collection point, the ePacket carrier makes an extra $5,000 (20,000 pkg X $0.25/ pkg) per day!


So now your packages get sorted by a local sorting hub that’s 12 hours away from the nearest export point, it has to make its way back before it can get on the plane and head out to the destination country.


That’s why you might see an ePacket tracking delayed “In-transit” in the same place for many days before it heads out of the country, well, because it’s going on a tour all over China!


The second possible point of delay is when the packet arrives at the custom.  After the package finally gets to the collection point, sorted through the sorting facility and on its way to go out of China, it can arrive at one of the many airports across China.  Keep in mind that not all airports in China are international airports.  The package might arrive at a domestic airport where it has a more laxed process before getting on a plane.  These packages will ultimately get to an international airport before flying out the country.

A plethora assortments of packages will be collected and bulk packaged before getting on the international airplane, these packages maybe include products that contain lithium batteries, powder, liquid, gel which require special handling at most international airports.  If one of these packages did not properly declare its property and it got caught through the clearance, and your epacket is lumped into the same bulk package, the custom will pull the whole bulk package aside for re-inspection.  That adds to several days (if you’re lucky) of delay to your ePacket delivery.

So what are alternatives to ePacket delivery?

A more reliable alternative for dropshipping delivery is to partner with established dropshipping suppliers such as CJ Dropshipping who has a direct partnership with local carriers like the USPS.

There are several ways that CJ Dropshipping can provide fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping methods for your dropshipping needs:

  1. If your products are general merchandise, you can choose to use CJ Dropshipping’s USPS+ method, where we ship your items via UPS from China to our US Warehouse, which takes 1-3 business days. The item gets inspected for any damages and gets picked up by local USPS carrier the same day.  USPS first class delivery time is 2-5 days, and Priority Mail is 1-3 days.  The total delivery time for dropshipping your package from China to your US customers takes 7-10 days.  That’s an incredible improvement from epacket’s 12- 20 days of delivery time.


  1. If your product contains sensitive materials such as battery and magnets, CJ Dropshipping can dropship your packages from the China warehouse to our US warehouse via DHL. This trip from China to US takes 5-7 days. The packages then get inspected for any damaged and gets shipped out the same day via USPS First class or Priority mail.  This method is call the USPS method which takes 10-12 days to deliver—this is an incredible improvement from the 12-20 days via ePacket.


  1. You can dropship items directly from CJ’s US warehouse, see a list of inventories available for listing in their US warehouse here. This has the shortest delivery time since the item is already in the US, they process the item the same day it gets shipped through USPS which takes 2-5 days for delivery.


A few advantages your dropshipping business will immediately experience by using the USPS method provided by CJ Dropshipping is that:

  1. CJ Dropshipping provides USPS labels on your dropshipping package so it looks like your business is operating from the US and not dropshipping from China. It’s an unfortunate bias against Chinese products but it does add an abstract layer of assurance and satisfaction for some of your US based customers.


  1. You might think that with this type of delivery speed, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.  That’s not the case—not even close.  CJ Dropshipping’s USPS method offers dropshippers a very competitive price, competitive enough to take on epacket pricing.


  1. Using this method also offers another great benefit in case your customers want to return a product. Epacket prices for returning products back to China is very expensive.  You can spare your product a trip back to China by just returning to your California warehouse.


Dropshipping is a hot-trending online retail method in 2018, in order to compete and get ahead in this business, making sure your customer’s orders gets delivered on time in a reliable manner plays an important role in the growth of your dropshipping business.  So don’t just think you are stuck with Epacket if you are doing dropshipping, head over to and check them out!

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Top 10 International Fulfillment Center or Logistics Company for dropshipping in China

Top 10 International Fulfillment Center or Logistics Company for dropshipping in China

Many drop shippers use the traditional method of using DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or oversea container to send bulk orders to their overseas warehouse and then use local fulfillment centers to send orders to their customers.

This is an outdated method that is not only inefficient but also ineffective.  A better choice will be to go with one of the Top 10 International Fulfillment Center that’s currently gaining a lot of popularity in the drop shipping arena.



Convenience – Instead of shipping a container overseas to different local fulfillment centers around the world, why not just choose CJ Dropshippingwhere they can send the items that you sell everywhere in the world from China?  China’s logistics is probably one of the most advanced infrastructures in China.  Domestic delivery in China is same-day to three days max. This cuts down on the delivery time, it simplifies the logistics process, and you only have to deal with ONE fulfillment center instead of 10 of the local ones.

Lower cost – CJ Dropshipping has a 100,000 sq. ft. (and still expanding) warehouse to house all the inventories of the products that you are dropshipping.  They don’t charge a warehouse fee if you source the product through their service (FREE of charge).  All you need to do is to head over to and register to begin posting a sourcing request.

No Excess Inventory – When you ship a container of products to the local fulfillment center, most of them will charge you a warehouse fee or inventory that are stale.  Since CJ Dropshipping are well rooted in the Yiwu merchandise market, they are able to pre-stock items that you are selling well to make sure your order processes daily, but they are also able to return excess inventory to factories so you don’t have to bear the cost of inventories that don’t sell.  Controlling the inventory level for your dropshipping store is a complimentary service that’s free of charge when you choose to use their platform:

Simplifies the process – CJ Dropshipping also simplifies the process for you.  There are many people involved in the backend in order for your product to go from a factory to your customer’s hands.  There’s the factory or manufacturer, the quality inspection company, the logistics company, and the fulfillment center.  CJ Dropshipping incorporates all those stages so they will be your only point of contact from sourcing your products from the manufacturer to inspecting the quality of the products that arrived, to arranging for the product to be picked up and shipped by local carriers who then helps the product to clear customers so it can get to the hands of your customers.  CJ Dropshipping’s platform also lets you monitor the status of a product from sourcing to processing, to shipping all in one place.  You can see the whole ecosystem by registering at

Fast delivery time – Because CJ dropshipping is the only one that handles the process from start to finish, it cuts the time to communicating from one step to the next.  They also have their own US Warehouse and their own delivery method which shortens the delivery time to 7-10 days instead of the usual 12-20 days by ePacket.

Integrates with Shopify Stores – Their platform integrates seamlessly with Shopify stores and can automatically pull orders from Shopify Stores for you to place orders on their platform.  Once the order has been processed, tracking numbers will automatically be populated back to your Shopify store so your customers can track the status of their packages without extra work from you.

No Minimum Order – this is a big selling point to those who just started in dropshipping.

English Customer Service – One of the most frustrating aspects of arranging shipment via the traditional method is that you must be able to speak Chinese or you must have a really good understanding of “Chinglish” in order to communicate what you want to the other vendors.  CJ Dropshipping provides professional English customer service support.

CJ Dropshipping easily comes as Top 1 as an international fulfillment center because they’ve positioned themselves as a one-stop shop for drop shippers and eliminated many of the complexities related to logistics arrangements.


You might come across as an alternative to  CJDropship was the original creator of  CJ Dropshipping is an experienced company that can handle all the steps you are considering international fulfillment centers.

Just to reiterate, here are the benefits of using CJ

  1. No excess inventory while still providing same day process
  2. Free quality inspection of products
  3. Expedited delivery time
  4. Video contents on products upon request, however, generic video contents are available for download with a small fee
  5. US Warehouse – lessens the chance of missing packages and shortens delivery time
  6. Free sourcing!
  7. No minimum quantity – idea for those who want to test the market with different products
  8. English customer support



If you are currently using Aliexpress to do your dropshipping fulfillment, consider as an alternative for your fulfillment partner.  They have been working with Alibaba (Aliexpress is under the same ownership as Alibaba) customers since 2015 and gaining lots of customer base since then.

Things you can do via

  • Post Product sourcing request and dropship anything they don’t have
  • Place bulk CSV or EXCEL dropshipping ordersexpeditediate your order processing
  • Aliexpress store available to sync with order management applications such as Oberlo
  • API that integrates with Shopify Stores
  • Latest niche recommendations to keep you updated on hot-selling items
  • Video production or photography production services available upon request for products that you list in your ecommerce store.

RANK NO. 4 – China registered post EMS (e-packet)

Epacket is a popular method among dropshippers.  However, dropshippers have a love-hate relationship with using this method to fulfill their orders due to the long delivery time and the increase percentage of damaged or missing packages.  The tracking numbers on an Epacket might show that it is in a certain place for 15 days and the tracking provides no updates to the status of the packages.  This kind of situation can easily trigger customer concerns and paypal disputes resulting in not only a loss in profit and advertisement cost but also additional penalties for not fulfilling the order by Paypal or Shopify.

EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) connecting more than 180 countries and territories worldwide.

  • A priority express service – EMS takes priority over other postal services.
  • Convenient – the EMS global network has the most customer access points in the world based on Post Office counters.
  • Largest delivery network worldwide – EMS postal operators have the largest last mile coverage worldwide supported by the postal delivery network to reach every business and citizen in the world.


RANK NO. 5 – STO Express

STO brand was established in 1993. The company is committed to the construction and development of national brands, and constantly improves the three-dimensional operation system of the terminal network, transit transport network and information network. Based on the traditional express delivery business, it fully enters the field of e-commerce, with professional The service and strict quality management promote the development of China’s express delivery industry.

With the development of China’s express delivery market, STO Express continues to actively explore emerging businesses while providing traditional express delivery services, providing customers with warehousing, distribution, systems, customer service and other B2C one-stop logistics services, payment collection, valuables channels, Cold chain transportation and other services have established a large number of business organizations such as information collection, market development, logistics distribution and express delivery. At the same time, STO Express also actively invested in building a global overseas warehouse service system to provide cross-border e-commerce companies with one-stop supply chain services such as head-to-head transportation, customs clearance, warehouse management, inventory control, order processing, logistics distribution and information feedback. At present, STO’s international business has expanded to the United States, Russia, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Nepal, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and other countries.

After more than 20 years of development, STO Express has established a complete and smooth self-operated express delivery network nationwide. As of January 2018, the company had 1,899 independent outlets and branches, more than 20,000 service outlets and outlets, more than 15,000 township outlets, over 90 direct and non-direct transfer centers and aviation departments, and more than 300,000 employees. Each year, nearly 10,000 new jobs are created.

In August 2017, STO successfully developed and launched a new “STO Express” system with independent intellectual property rights. This system is the core operating system of STO and includes: express delivery service, service quality, transportation resources, financial settlement, data Analysis, international systems, automatic sorting and many other functional modules. At the same time, Shentong’s independent basic database was rebuilt to safeguard the information security of the entire network, unified users, unified authority, unified authentication, and unified security. Provides integrated operations, inquiries, settlements, and management functions for domestic and international businesses and network-wide distribution centers.

In 2017, Shentong Express achieved remarkable results in smart logistics and scientific and technological applications. Automatic sorting, scanning, weighing, and metering equipment were put into use in large numbers, especially in Yiwu, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, and Linfen “Little Yellow” sorting systems. At one point, it became Net Red, adding bright colors to China’s express delivery technology innovation. In the green field of express delivery industry, STO Express took the lead in launching eco-friendly chip bags. Compared with disposable woven bags, the new bags are waterproof and wear-resistant, reducing damage; recycling, cost savings; environmental protection materials, uniform specifications and many other advantages. As of August 2017, with the exception of the Tibet region, STO’s entire network transshipment centers have implemented the use of eco-bag construction kits. Each day, 180,000 eco-bags are used throughout the entire network, which means that it saves 180,000 once a day. Sex bags are 1.971 billion a year. STO Express is implementing the concept of low-carbon environmental protection and green development with practical actions.

In the process of continuous development and expansion of the company, STO Express actively practices the duties of corporate citizens and undertakes social responsibilities in various aspects. It has launched a small-hearted, warm-hearted student-assistance, one-on-one help, care for left-behind children, and free transportation for children in needy mountainous areas. Materials, donations of 40 million, the establishment of education and teaching incentive funds and many other social welfare activities. The company has won a number of honors such as “Charity Star”, “Major Enterprise of Shanghai Express Industry Development Contribution”, “Shanghai May Labor Award”, etc. It has won the reputation of the industry and spread the positive energy of the industry.

At present, STO is the vice president of China Express, the Shanghai Express Industry Association and the Zhejiang Express Industry Association, and its franchisees are also vice presidents or governing bodies in each province. In 2017, STO received the 2017 China Express Social Responsibility Award, 2017 China China Express Annual Brand Award, and 2017 Top Ten Innovation Awards. In 2016, Shentong Express won the National Top 100 Logistics Enterprises, the Top 100 Taxpayers in Qingpu District, the Advanced Collective for Safe Driving Management in Shanghai, and the Best International Business Development Award for China Express. Looking forward to the future, STO will continue to uphold the service concept of “Caring for You and Me” and will use technology and talents as the driving force to fully enhance the service capabilities and level of the Chinese express delivery industry and actively participate in the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy and express delivery. “Development” to “westward” and “outward” will make Shentong Express a benchmarking company for the express delivery industry in China, Asia, and even the world, enabling customers from all over the world to enjoy high-quality express delivery services in China.


RANK NO. 6 – Yuantong Express

Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuantong Express) was founded on May 28th, 2000. It has now become a large-scale enterprise group that deploys new express logistics, new technology, new retail, new financial, new health business segments and international business. . The company’s core values are “integrity, innovation, and sharing”; positioning is “the express delivery platform for Internet information technology”; the vision is “Chinese express delivery, and the world is at our fingertips”.

On October 20, 2016, Yuantong express delivery (600233.SH) was the first to be successfully listed in the industry. In 2017, it acquired the Hong Kong-listed company Xianda International Logistics Holdings Limited (06123.HK), and on February 28, 2018, it changed to “Yutong Express (International) Holdings Co., Ltd.”.

As a private express delivery company with domestic airlines, Yuantong Aviation has invested 10 self-owned cargo aircraft and basically built a route network covering all major regions. The total number of abdominal cabin routes exceeds 1,000, covering more than 120 domestic cities.

In China, Yuantong now has more than 400,000 employees, 118 transshipment centers, and more than 68,000 delivery outlets. The coverage rate of urban networks at and above the county level is 98%, and the average daily express delivery volume exceeds 20 million. The market share ranks at the forefront of the industry. In the international community, the Yuantong International Network covers four continents and has more than 60 international direct operating sites covering more than 50 countries and regions. More than 2,000 international routes have been opened and overseas network agents have broken through 1,000. At the same time, the Global Parcel Alliance (GPA) initiated by the company is also the only international logistics express delivery alliance platform initiated by domestic logistics express delivery companies.

At the same time, the company also provides products and services covering five major business segments, and is committed to building a logistics platform that provides one-stop integrated logistics solutions.

In the field of scientific and technological innovation, Yuantong insists that science and technology require productivity, and technological innovation leads the future development of the company. The next step is to take the lead in the joint construction of the advantages of sharing and sharing of logistics information and the application of national engineering laboratories to promote the rapid development of science and technology intelligence.

In the field of green environmental protection, Yuantong has always established a green concept, constantly exploring new models of green express delivery, actively promoting the development of green logistics through green packaging, vigorously promoting electric express delivery vehicles, and launching green alliance actions, and persists in creating a sustainable “green” development. Express logistics company.

At the same time, the company also provides products and services covering five major business segments, and is committed to building a logistics platform that provides one-stop integrated logistics solutions.


RANK NO. 7 – ZTO Express

Zhongtong Express was founded on May 8, 2002. It is a large-scale group company integrating express delivery, logistics, e-commerce and printing services. The registered trademarks are “Zhongtong®” and “zto®”.

Under the guidance of the core values of “Building Sharing, Trust and Responsibility, Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” all Zhongtong people are committed to the mission of “using our products to create more people’s well-being” and provide efficient, safe and economical services. The express delivery service has won the trust and support from all walks of life. It has won many honorable titles such as “China’s top 10 influential brands in the express delivery industry” and “China’s top 10 brands in the express delivery industry.

“Famous China, accessible to the world.” Zhongtong Express will do its utmost to enable every employee to enjoy a “healthy body, a happy work, and a happy life,” and wholeheartedly strives for the benefit and development of every customer. All Zhongtong people will keep in mind the mission, take the courage to take responsibility, and work hard to achieve “a dignified, respected world-class integrated logistics service provider” and “to carry forward the national express ” dream.

In recent years, Zhongtong has purchased more than 3,000 mu of land throughout the country, built a large-scale distribution center, aviation center, and e-commerce center, with an investment of 10 billion yuan; more than 1,000 acres of land are under negotiation, and the investment has been increasing. These investments have not only added a large number of jobs and fiscal revenues to various places, but also have promoted the sustained and healthy development of China’s express delivery industry and China’s economy.

At the same time, Zhongtong has continuously strengthened the information construction, and the express mail information system independently developed has been put into use. The ERP management system has been activated, a unified service telephone has been opened, and the use of GPS and hand-held terminals has been popularized. Through large-scale investment and large-scale construction, China-Tongda Development will be promoted.


RANK NO. 8 – BEST Inc Express

BES combines internet, information technology and traditional logistics services to create a new disruptive business model to integrate China’s huge logistics industry and improve the efficiency and application of information technology. The headquarters of BES China is rooted in the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, and has established a multi-level operation center nationwide. The distribution network covers the whole country and extends to the county and township level. Through a complete and systematic partner certification management system, professional supply chain solution design, advanced information technology and the company’s own integrated operating platform GeniMax system, Best offers integrated supply chain design and logistics services for domestic and foreign companies. After several years of hard work, the scale of the company has expanded rapidly. Each year, the seven major business divisions provide comprehensive supply chain, express delivery, express delivery and software services. As of March 2017, 678 operations have been established nationwide. The center and more than 420 million square meters of warehouses and transshipment centers, with more than 9,000 full-time employees and tens of thousands of franchisees and partners, warehousing and distribution network covering the whole country, and extended to the county and township level. The company’s core philosophy is to invest in technology and people.

BEST brings revolutionary changes to the entire logistics industry with the power of the Internet, information technology and innovation. It is committed to building a one-stop logistics and supply chain service platform, providing customers with efficient services and experiences, and becoming the most trustworthy and respectable logistics leader.



This is the fifth consecutive year that Yunda Express has won this award in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 after it was awarded “Top 100 Taxpayers in Qingpu District”.

Since its establishment in 1999, Yunda Express has always been committed to providing high-quality express delivery services for hundreds of millions of customers. It adheres to the concept of developing in Shanghai, facing the whole country, and developing in the world. Through more than ten years of development, it has always upheld integrity management and paid taxes in accordance with the law. All aspects are at the forefront of the express delivery industry and have made unremitting efforts to promote economic and social development.

Yunda Express will use this as an opportunity to conscientiously implement national laws and regulations, truly implement the “customer demand-oriented” business philosophy, continuously improve service quality, capability and level, increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction, and strive to become a stronger enterprise. To make a greater contribution to the economic and social development of our country.

Recently, Shanghai Yunda Express Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunda Express”) was honored by the State Post Bureau as “Advanced Enterprise in Post Industry Statistical Work in 2014”. This is also Yunda Express’s recognition for the postal industry statistical work for seven consecutive years by the State Post Bureau. The Rhyme Express Network 14 outlets and 5 distribution centers also received this award. They are the Beijing company, Fujian Zhangzhou company, Guangdong Guangzhou company, Guangdong Shunde company, Guangdong Jiangmen company, Guangdong Zhongshan company, Guangxi Liuzhou company, Henan Zhengzhou Company, Jiangsu Suqian Corporation, Qinghai Xining Corporation, Shandong Dezhou Corporation, Shanghai Songjiang District Xinqiao Corporation, Sichuan Neijiang Corporation, Zhejiang Tongxiang Corporation, Shanghai Distribution Center, Tianjin Distribution Center, Dongguan Distribution Center, Wuhan Distribution Center, Changsha Distribution Center, Shanghai Pudong Distribution Center.

In the postal industry, statistics work in 2014, Yunda Express carefully implemented the requirements and work of the State Post Bureau on statistical work in the postal industry under the guidance of the State Post Bureau, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), prefecture-level cities, and postal administrations of dispatched institutions. Arrangements, truth-seeking and pragmatic, rigorous, meticulous, accurate and timely completion of all statistical tasks. According to the relevant person in charge of the financial department of the Yunda Express Headquarters, in the following work, Yunda Express will continue to work harder, innovative ways of working, and strive to achieve greater success in the statistical work of the postal industry.



In 1993, Shunfeng was born in Shunde, Guangdong. Since its inception, SF Express has always focused on improving service quality, continued to strengthen infrastructure construction, actively researched and introduced high-tech information technology and equipment to enhance the automation level of operations, and established a large amount of information collection and market development at home and abroad. Logistics distribution, express delivery and other express service agencies and service networks.

On the basis of continuously strengthening its fast-moving business, SFG insists on customer needs as its core and actively expands its diversified business. It has developed a one-stop supply chain solution for different types of customers including e-commerce, food, medicine, auto parts, and electronics. Provide comprehensive financing services such as payment, financing, wealth management, and insured prices. At the same time, relying on strong logistics advantages, we established SF Express to provide customers with the quality of life services and create a quality living experience for SF Express.

Over the years, SF Express has continued to innovate and continuously create high-quality service experiences to provide customers with solid and strong support for success.

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How to work with CJDropShipping

How to work with CJDropShipping

If you are pretty new in drop shipping, then you need to learn more about drop shipping through Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, Facebook, they will help you to know what is drop shipping and how drop shipping works well. We are sorry that we can not coach you about the operation of dropshipping or marketing since we are a supplier we are professional in sourcing and fulfillment and shipping.

If you knew about drop shipping, and are going to start drop shipping business, but need a supplier, then that is what we can work for you!

First, you need to create your own Account. Create a new account

Type: Selling CJ APP existed Products.
1. List CJ products in your stores Watch Tutorial and the orders will automatically generate once you get sales.

2. You can place drop shipping orders through our APP. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial.

Type: Selling products not existed on

1. Let us know your best sellers with your current suppliers’ Aliexpress link or picture. Then we will try to source and quote you a better price than your current vendor. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial

2. If you like the price, then send the orders to us, You can place drop shipping orders through our APP. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial. You can also place CSV or EXCEL drop shipping orders. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial.

3. Once you paid for the drop shipping orders, then we will try to fulfill the orders on the same day, and generate the tracking numbers for all of them.

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Reasons why Aliexpress inventory levels are FAKE and how it can HURT your dropshipping business?

Reasons why Aliexpress inventory levels are FAKE and how it can HURT your dropshipping business?

You’ve been in the dropshipping business for a while testing different products on your e-commerce shop to find the hot-selling items that you can scale with.  Finally, after numerous trial and error, you found the winners!  Orders are flowing in quickly and you placed more and more orders with the Aliexpress vendor that you’ve been working with when you had only 10 orders a day.  You’re rubbing your hands together getting excited about the exponential growth your business is about to experience!  A week pass by, some of your customers are contacting you about the tracking numbers that have been in the “Label created” or “Pre-shipment” status since last week.  What is happening?

Fake Aliexpress inventory.

You’re Aliexpress vendor probably posted the inventory level for the winning product that you were selling at 1,000,000 pcs.  But many of those inventory levels claimed by Aliexpress vendors are actually inaccurate.  Here are the reasons why.

  1. Not all Aliexpress vendors are wholesalers. Sometimes they might only be the middleman that have connections with the factories but even they themselves do not clearly know what the inventory levels are for the products that they are selling on Aliexpress.
  2. Many inventories that they claimed on their Aliexpress are still in work-in-process and are not actual finished goods. This is a way for manufacturers to avoid excess inventory.  However, the Aliexpress vendors will still take that into account when posting their inventory level because they think the turnaround time to turn a the work-in-process inventories into finished goods will be fairly quickly.  This might be the case for 10, 100, or even 1000 products; but not so if you placed an order for 10,000 or 100,000 products.
  3. The fake inventory helps with ranking – The more inventory you claim you have on Aliexpress, the more inventory, the higher they rank against other Aliexpress vendors who are selling the same product. Aliexpress does not have any way to enforce accurate inventory listing on Aliexpress shops, so there are no consequences for the Aliexpress vendors to exaggerate their inventory numbers.
  4. Even inventory level in the US can sometimes be fake— Aliexpress vendors and claim they have a certain amount of inventory level in their US warehouse when they don’t even have a US warehouse, to begin with! This can happen when they use faster shipping methods to deliver the product to your customers.  You can spot it easily by looking at the shipping label on the package.


These inaccurate inventory levels can hurt your business when you are in the middle of scaling and experiencing huge growth in your dropshipping sales.  When production of the supply cannot keep up with the demand, your customers will reflect that via social media and it can really crumble any e-commerce business as quickly as your store gathered the sales.

Your customers were all expecting to receive the items within three weeks (which is already very patient of them since most of them has been spoiled by Amazon’s 1-3 day delivery dates).  However, after they received the tracking number, a week has passed by and the label still says “pre-shipment” or “label created”.  You will receive an influx of complaints, then numerous refund requests, and ultimately unstoppable negative feedbacks that can really hurt your business.

It’s not that you’ve done anything wrong on your end, it’s that your Aliexpress vendors never informed you of the insufficient inventory after they received your orders!


We probably don’t have to stress the importance of accurate inventory level for your dropshipping business.  A dependable and steady stream of supplies is the core for any drop shipping business to have a healthy growth.


CJ Dropshipping has a platform that tracks all the inventory level for products we have in our warehouses in both China and the United States.  When we received your orders, we will inform you immediately if the factories that we work with do not have enough inventory to fulfill the orders and not leave you in limbo.  We are a huge customer with local factories and they will take us seriously when we request accurate inventory level for a certain product.  Our customers have been growing alongside with us primarily because we were able to supply them with a steady stream of inventory for all their products.


If you are looking for an alternative to Aliexpress vendors, we welcome you to explore our platform and experience the difference for yourself.


Register today at and feel free to contact us at

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